The team decided we needed to spruce up our website a bit, and we didn’t stop refactoring ’till we ended up with a new company name. We are now Cenqua (pronounced SEN-kwa).

We used to be “Cortex”, or “The Cortex”, or any one of a number of other variations that turn up millions of hits on Google. But now we have a nice, Google-friendly name. BPH tells me this is known (in marketing-speak) as “an empty vessel”; a name that has no previously attached meaning, that we can fill with our own. Stupid marketing-types, what they mean is it’s just Google-friendly, is all.

(If you haven’t heard of us, and just to complete the blatant blogvertisement, Cenqua is the creator of the Clover and Clover.NET code coverage tools, and FishEye.)

Picking a new company name is probably one of the most excruciating processes I’ve ever been through. We’d brainstorm some ideas and come up with a short list; then someone would send around an email with some new ideas and the process would start all over again. And the logo decision was even worse!

(Speaking of logos, I can definitely recommend srh for all your logo needs.)

But the great Cortex refactor wasn’t all pain. As we wrote new content for the website, we would leave humorous place-holder content to fix up later, including this little gem I managed to dig out of our CVS tree: